Chichester MG Owners surprise for 99 year old at Wellington Grange in association with Main Gear.

Six MGs rolling into Wellington Grange Residential Care Home in Chichester may not be an everyday sight, but on Monday 11th June, a representative range of the marque was on display outside the main entrance to this establishment for a very special reason.

A very senior resident, Richard, had recently celebrated his 99th birthday, and as a long-term supporter and owner of the marque, he had requested to see some MGs.

From David’s MGA roadster, through MGBs both roadster and GT, and Alan’s lovely MGF and Mark Galbraith’s LE 500, to a menacing looking SVR all stood awaiting inspection.

However, the first excitement was that many of the staff from the Companionship Team, including their Team Leader, Emily Hudson, and Kay all want to sit in David’s MGA!

They were soon waving goodbye on their fantasy drive, while other staff assisted both Richard and his fellow residents to admire the other cars.

Richard displayed for us all a wonderful picture of both his red TC, and also his MGBGT driving the Stelvio Pass!  Thanks to Colin Jessey for creating the drawing.

Engines of the SVR and a GT were started and duly revved to blast the ears, and by this time relatives and their children had also joined the party! Richard was clearly very interested in the cars, and despite failing health, thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

We all hoped that we would be able to visit again on his 100th birthday. A short adjournment to the community lounge for tea or wine and cake, and we all set off on our journeys home.

A vote of thanks to Mark Galbraith of the Chichester group, his friends Andy Harris, Robin Hamilton, Graham Clark and Mark Bacchus, and Alan King from our group, for coordinating the visit.

Footnote After the visit, Alan received the following message from Julie –

Thank you so much for coming in. Went and saw Richard this morning. He said it was the Best Day of his life, and you were all very kind to him.

What Wonderful Memories he will have of that day. I will always remember that there are some lovely people in the world who went out of their way to make an old man very happy

Thanks Julie x